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What Pilates Boutique Offers

Pilates Boutique offers 45 minute private one-on-one Pilates training, as well as duets. Both with the use of equipment, props and Pilates mat work, designed specifically for your body.

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Monday – Saturday from 6am – 7pm

To schedule a session please feel free to call 407-963-8247 or contact me via email by clicking the button below.



Reformer / Trap Table

Top down view of reformer / trap table

The Reformer/Trap Table is there to support the body in order to preform the exercises with proper alignment to build a solid foundation that increases flexibility, builds strength and improves balance.

Wunda Chair

Wunda Chair.

Once your foundation is established, I start to incorporate the Wunda Chair. Which adds additional challenges to each session and keeps you moving forward towards your goal.


Close up of Pilates ball on the Pilates Boutique wood floor.

I use accessories to supplement throughout your session and to create increased challenges to each exercise.